What this is about 2023/09/01


Who am I?

My name is Tanks, I am a chemist, artist and coder. I love cooking, gardening and biking and usually life is too busy to give all of these shenanigans enough room, but I try.

What is this?

"The internet" is moving away from centralized social media. What was once Twitter is now X and a rich dudes personal playground, Instagram mutated to be a TikTok clone, and TikTok is questionable for many other reasons. Facebook is barely usable for ads and the most random click bait. Time to be steward of my own content again, basically like we already did more than 20 years ago. Just with way nicer tools and better out of the box design.

Don't expect regular or frequent updates, but allow yourself to get surprised. I'll post about things I'll make, and maybe even some writing. Who knows!

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